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Who and what is MoBBEL?

MoBBЕL was established as a registered association in 1984 by Tübingen biochemists. Its purpose is to serve as a means for fellow colleagues sharing a common past to stay in touch. Ever since the association was set up, the number of people who have received a Biochemistry degree at the Schnarrenberg has roughly doubled. Therefore, the previously tight contact between the members of the group has inevitably become harder to keep, especially between the different generations of students. Yet, another novelty from the last couple of years is that even the traditionally good career prospects for biochemists once had are not so straightforward anymore.

That is why MoBBEL. is well suited to meet the needs of Tübingen biochemists of all ages. On the one hand, future activities organized by the alumni association are aimed at satisfying the interests of the new generation of academics. On the other hand, MoBBEL facilitates the exchange between already established biochemists.

What does MoBBЕL offer?

For the young biochemists:

  • Contact between undergraduates / graduates / postgraduates and established biochemists
  • Information sessions on labor market and the diverse career possibilities, which are not always readily apparent
  • First-hand information about future job openings
  • Outstanding Dissertation Award

For the veterans:

  • Cultivation of already existing contacts and establishment of new ones
  • Support for the integration and coordination of common career interests

For everyone:

  • Job market
  • Scientific exchange – a platform for scientific collaboration
  • . . . and last but not least, a wide range of social events. All are welcome!